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Hiring an Assistant
melissa machat

To the overwhelmed Entrepreneur who is doing it all and knows it’s time to SCALE...

melissa machat




What happens when you learn Everything You
Need to SCALE?

melissa machat

Hiring becomes EASY when you have a clear method to follow and you’ll feel confident  choosing the right person

melissa machat

You’ll feel CONFIDENT with training and onboarding and save TIME because your admin can train THEMSELVES!

melissa machat

You get your time and life back by having the right team and systems in place to run your business so you can scale with EASE


Does the thought of hiring overwhelm you?

Have you made a hire in the past and it didn't work out and you're afraid of going through that again?

Are you so busy right now that you don't have time to find help or train them?


Do you already have admin support but the business isn’t growing?


Do you question if you have the right people and if they are actually doing their job?


Does the thought of creating systems and organizing your business make you panic?

Everything You Need to
Hire, Onboard, Train, and Systemize with EASE!

What if there was a clear method to follow so you can grow and scale your business with EASE?


What if you could have your assistant TRAIN THEMSELVES?


Let’s be honest, do you even know how to train someone on the administrative side of your business, or isn’t that WHY you hired an admin!

When you are overwhelmed and doing it all you know it’s time to get help, but where do you even start?


I understand the time and energy wasted when you make the wrong hire, and being overwhelmed at the thought of figuring out HOW to hire someone.


Then once I made a hire, I had NO IDEA what to do or how to manage, train and lead an employee!


After years of learning the hard way, I created a proven method to Hire, Onboard, Train, and Systemize your business with EASE!

Finding the RIGHT person will:

  • Make your life easier

  • Give you a 3x return on their salary

  • Help you grow and scale your business

  • Give you time and energy back in your life

  • THEY will create the systems FOR YOU

Making the RIGHT HIRE, finding someone who understands you and your business, and is invested in helping you grow is only the first piece of the puzzle when it comes to growing your business.


And once you find them, NOW WHAT?

This course will teach you Everything You Need to Hire, Onboard, Train, and Systemize your Business with EASE so you can grow your business without the stress, overwhelm, and burnout!

Hiring an Assistant

Have you been questioning your dream to grow your business and thinking it might be easier to stay small?

Do you wish there was a clear method to follow so you aren’t overwhelmed at trying to figure out HOW to grow?


If you already have admin support, are you clear on their job description and what their priorities are to help you grow your business?


I’ve been where you are and I’m going to share with you what I learned that changed everything after….


  • 2 years in a leadership position with an Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Company and learning leadership lessons from Gary Keller

  • Recruiting over 50 real estate agents to my personal team within that 2 years and learning from a revolving door of chaos

  • Making my first hire in 2013 and learning how to manage employees and independent contractors

  • Leading a $500,000 business that no longer depends on me and spending about 10 hours a month to lead.

  • Over $100,000 spent on coaches, trainings, personal development events and anything I could do to help learn and improve my skills

  • Retiring from Real Estate sales and still running my team and business while building other businesses 



I learned everything the hard way over the past 8 years and WISH I had this course to show me exactly how to HIRE, and then have my admin TRAIN THEMSELVES!


And that’s exactly why I created this course... so you can learn Everything You Need to Hire, Onboard, Train and Systemize your Business with EASE!


I learned the hard way so you don’t have to….



Take Away the stress, overwhelm, and pain of not knowing what to do or how to grow your business!

Whether you have an admin, just made a hire, or are a solopreneur, this is a step by step course walking you through exactly HOW to Hire with a 5 Step Proven Method, and How to Onboard, Train, and Systemize your business with EASE!

This course will walk you through:

Hiring an Assistant

How to Hire Includes:

5 step method with clear steps to follow

How to write a job ad that will attract your ideal person to you

An easy process to follow to screen and filter candidates

How to know if you're making the right decision

Questions and Templates for the Job Ad and Interview Process


How to Onboard, Train and Systemize Includes:

Exactly what to do over the first 2 months (8 weeks) with a breakdown of what to focus on each week

Clarity around the admin’s job and expectations

Systems Audit - what’s currently in place and what’s missing

How to save the business money by finding services not being used or no longer needed

Communication Schedule with your staff and your team

Social Media- who’s in charge and what’s the plan?

Database Audit- what is a database and why it’s the goldmine of your business

Database Communication Plan- creating a system to engage with leads, clients, and your database

Onboarding and Offboarding team members and clients

Tracking numbers and lead pipelines

Creating a lead management system

Team accountability

Time blocking and scheduling

Setting Goals and Clear Priorities

30 day checklist and review to make sure this is the right fit

Systems and Standard Operating Procedures Manual- what it is and HOW to create them

Team Standards and Expectations

Task Management Programs and how to implement them




Setting Boundaries

Examples of our own systems and SOP’s so you can customize to your business

Checklists with what to focus on for each week

everything you need to Scale with ease

how to



All of this only $279!

how to onboard, train, & Systemize

All of this only $999!

how to

hire, onboard, train, & Systemize

Both courses for $1278!

only $1197!

What our past students say...

"This course was fantastic! So much great information."


Hiring an Assistant

12 years of sales


Meet The Creator

Melissa Machat is an Entrepreneur and Speaker who founded Re-Align Coaching and Consulting to help empower and teach entrepreneurs how to create and scale an aligned life and business. With expertise in Mindset, Strategy, and Growth Melissa teaches you how to get freedom back into your life and stop the overwhelm, grind and burnout.


Melissa is a certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner and possesses a deeper understanding of what’s really preventing someone from reaching their goals and taking action.


With more than twelve years of sales experience, over $100 Million in Volume Sold in Residential Real Estate, and more than eight years being educated by multiple coaching organizations and mentors, Melissa understands how to build and grow a business in any market and how your mindset can control your outcome and results.


NLP Master Practitioner

Over $100 million Sold in residential real estate

12 years of sales experience

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this course for?

Anyone looking to hire their first assistant or admin to help them grow their business, and anyone who wants to implement or improve their systems.

How to Hire you will learn my proven method to make the hiring process easy and attract the right person to you for any role that you are looking for. You can use this method every time you are ready to hire and find your ideal person.

Onboard, Train, and Systemize your business is perfect for new admin hires so they can train themselves, current staff so they can implement stronger systems into your business, and for solopreneurs who want to create their own systems and learn exactly what to do.

What are the benefits of this Course?

Take the overwhelm and stress out of hiring, onboarding, training and systemizing your business. It will give you a clear plan to follow and make this process easy so you can find true talent and someone who will help you grow your business without losing money and time and then give them the opportunity to train themselves and create systems for you!

Do you have a refund policy?

There are no refunds. Once the course is purchased you will have full access to it.

How long is this course?

The Hiring Course is a 5 step method to make hiring easy. Each step has videos averaging around 10 minutes each plus explanations of templates and processes.

Onboard, Train, and Systemize covers 8 weeks with specific tasks to focus on each week. You can choose to go through all of the tasks per week, or customize your own implementation plan.

There are workbooks for both courses.

What is guaranteed if I complete the course?

You will learn clear steps and an outline of how to hire and set up systems in your business.

It is up to you what you do with this knowledge and hiring and improving your systems takes dedication and time.

We only guarantee giving you tools to improve your systems and communication for hiring, onboarding, training, and systemizing your business and it’s up to you how you implement, practice, and use them to see results.

How long do I have access to the course?

You can access it for the life of the program! You can go at your own pace and come back and watch videos as many times as you’d like.

Who do I contact if I have questions?

You can email with any questions or clarification you are looking for, or you can DM Melissa on Instagram @melissamachat

I’m not sure if I’m ready to make a hire just yet, can I take this course if I’m not actually hiring?

Yes this is a great way to prepare and be ready for whenever you are ready to make that hire! You will learn my method that works and you’ll have access to the recordings for the life of the program so you can go back to access worksheets and videos anytime.

Do you guarantee I will find my ideal admin? What if it doesn’t work out?

We guarantee that our process gives you a clear outline to follow when making a hire. The clearer you are on who you are looking for the better your chances of finding them. Following this method will help you find the best candidates out there. If you cut corners or take shortcuts we do not guarantee results because there is a method to everything we suggest. If your hire does not work out, then you will feel confident using this process again. There are always lessons in every hire and every hire that leaves so we would suggest looking back to see if there were any red flags you overlooked or ignored, and if you set clear standards and expectations about the job and made sure you were both in alignment with the vision.

melissa machat
Hiring an Assistant

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