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Strategies to grow your business

How do you work smarter and not harder? Want to know the next step to grow your business and receive an action plan with the next steps? You'll receive emails over the next week with step-by-step strategies on what to do including...

  • Receive an outline of what steps to take next

  • Learn practical tips you can implement right away

  • Receive resources to empower you back into action

The Game How to succeed at sales

There’s a reason some people make sales look easy, and others make it look repelling. If you run a business, you’re in sales whether you realize it or not and when did you ever learn HOW to sell?


This masterclass will cover:

Mindset of Sales

  • How Attachment and Expectations are setting you up for disappointment

  • How to feel confident in sales

  • Secrets so you can sell with ease

path to Freedom Masterclass

Chances are you chose entrepreneurship to enjoy more freedom in your life, and yet most entrepreneurs are working 24/7, burnt out, overwhelmed, and not free at all. this masterclass will give you:

  • Clarity on how to create more freedom in your life and business

  • Audit of where you are currently at

  • Action steps on How to get to where you want to go

  • What the first step is to make it happen

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Creating an Aligned Business

How do you work smarter and not harder? How do some people have business flow to them and they make it look easy, especially if you are working harder than them? This special masterclass explains what an aligned business looks like and how you can have more while doing less. If you are frustrated, overwhelmed, or feel like things aren’t working this class will help you see what might be causing this.

Leverage Class

How do you know when you’re ready to make a hire? What would you have them do and is it enough to start looking for support? Do you wonder what to put in a job description, what to pay someone, or where to look? This masterclass covers everything you need before making a hire!

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How to deal with Overwhelm

Learn helpful tools to help you deal with overwhelm in this quick 5 minute video.

How to Overcome Anxiety

Learn some of Melissa’s favorite tools that helped her with severe anxiety in this quick 5 minute video.

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