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3 Keys to Consistency

Have you ever said “I wish I was more consistent?”

“Maybe I need more discipline, motivation, and need more accountability..”

I get how frustrating it can be when you know exactly what you ‘should’ be doing, and yet you still seem to fall short.

I thought I needed more discipline, accountability, motivation.

I was beating myself up all the time, and I actually started to believe something must be wrong with me.

"Maybe I’m not cut out for this. I know exactly what I should be doing and why am I STILL NOT DOING IT?!"

I felt stuck, overwhelmed, burnt out, and frustrated that I knew what I needed to do, I knew I needed to be more consistent, and yet it just wasn't happening the way I thought.

Until I learned something that changed everything...

What it really takes to be consistent...

and it was the exact opposite of what I had been taught!

If you are not being consistent doing what you’re ‘supposed to be doing’, do you really want to be doing it in the first place?

The secret to consistency is NOT force, accountability, and discipline.

The secret IS making sure it’s coming from you and what you want to do!

And I have created something new to help you create a business model that is true to your vision and how you want it to be!

3 Keys to Consistency:

An Entrepreneur’s Guide to getting unstuck, consistently doing what you say you're going to do, and having the breakthrough you've been looking for to make growing your business EASY!

If you’re an Entrepreneur who wishes you had more discipline, motivation, or you don’t understand why you know what to do but still aren’t taking action, then this is for you!

So what are the 3 keys?

  1. Why

  2. How

  3. What

Why- Why are you doing this? Why did you get into this business?

What was your vision? - It’s reconnecting to your vision and what you want to create

How- If no one told you how to do it, how would you do it? - When’s the last time someone asked you how YOU want to do it? What excites you? What are you already doing? If you could build a business in a way that gives you energy and you enjoy doing it, wouldn’t you rather do that instead of forcing yourself to do things you’re ‘supposed to be doing’, but don’t actually want to do?

What- What’s really stopping you from taking action? - Wouldn’t it help to learn how to identify what’s really getting in your way? Is it a fear or is there a skill that’s missing?

Learning tools you can use when life happens and you’re feeling stuck to identify what’s really going on gives you resources to do something about it!

You can learn more about the 3 🗝️s on Purely Aligned Ep 56, and check out the link in bio!

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