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Step 3 of the Alignment Vortex of Self-Discovery - Energy and Intention

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

The Path to Pure Alignment

Step 3: Energy and Intention

This was the missing piece for me.

I knew where I was out of alignment and I made changes and adjustments.

I "did" all of the things, checked all of the boxes, and was finally doing what lit me up and excited me!

Teaching consistently, guest on over 40 podcasts, created 5 digital courses, created a quiz, was in all of the programs and had amazing coaches and masterminds....taking action was NOT my problem.

And I still had my real estate business, achieved my dream of no longer selling and money still showed up!

So what went wrong?

I thought I was IN alignment!

Shouldn't money be flowing and I should be happier than ever?

Especially because I'm focused on doing what matters!

Like hello!? Unconscious and conscious line up, you take action, you're in alignment, magic happens!


Wrong. 😳

I missed a critical piece to the equation.

And putting myself out there, selling online, creating courses, brought up EVERY INSECURITY I DIDN'T KNOW I HAD!

Which is why I say if you want to know what inner work gets to be done, launch something 😂

What was my energy and intention behind WHY I was doing what I was doing?

It was to prove. To fit in. To belong.

To make money to show I'm good enough to be in these expansive rooms I love to be in.

Giving my power away to external validation, and craving it, so when it didn't come, I made it mean I must suck.

Assigning meaning to whether things were 'working' or not, getting in my head that I must not be an 'energetic match' (I'll save that rant for another post), and questioning my sanity because I was embarrassed and ashamed and felt like once again things weren't working and it must be me.

And then it clicked.

I was still slightly off course.

There were energetic leaks and intentions that needed to be healed, released, and cleaned up.

I wasn't doing it for ME FIRST.

No wonder I hated the journey, I thought I just had to plow through it to arrive at my destination of happiness.


What is your energy and intention behind WHAT AND WHY you're doing what you do?

Look at what might not seem to be working, is there a chance you are super close, but still following someone else's method or rules that may not work for you?

This is where you need to look up. Zoom out. Look at the big picture.

What's coming up for you?

This is why I'm on a mission to share the path to Pure Alignment because sometimes it's the smallest adjustments and awareness that can change your life.

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