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Step 4 of the Alignment Vortex of Self-Discovery - Inspired Action

The path to Pure Alignment

Step 4: Inspired Action

When you're in alignment, you don't need force or accountability because you are inspired to take action.

You're clear on what your next step is, and you're excited and inspired to make it happen.

Without force.

Without pressure.

This is when things happen FAST, almost like magic, and people wonder how you're doing it.

Ease and flow, the real secret behind working smarter, not harder.

Can you think of a time when you were so excited about something, an event, a goal, a trip, it's all you could think about?

No one had to twist your arm or remind you to focus on it, because it naturally lit you up anyway and of course you were focused on it.

That was coming from you.

Within you.

Not outside pressure or force.

Not because you were supposed to or should be doing it.

You chose it.

And that's where our superpower is hiding out most of the time.

In the decision to do what YOU want.

YOUR way.

On YOUR terms.

I believe clarity is our superpower.

And Alignment is when all of the pieces come together because we are CLEAR on what we want, and it's coming from a PURE place within our soul.

That's when the magic happens.

This is an ongoing evolution and journey, a constant calibration and adjustment.

Not a destination of someday when I get there.

Because we are human, and we will veer of course.

Get distracted, forget who we are, forget what we want, start focusing on what's not working.

Or things happen so fast the fear of not being able to handle it and being overwhelmed makes you slam on the brakes.

So the next time things feel like something is off, it's never enough, you feel like you're chasing something and are so far away from where you want to be, come back to these 4 steps.

When it feels like it's all falling apart, nothing is working, something must be broken...

Come back to these 4 steps and see where you veered off course and might need to readjust.

This is the Alignment Vortex of Self Discovery.....

A tool you can use in all areas of your life to help you get back on YOUR path to PURE ALIGNMENT.

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