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It’s time to create an aligned life and business on your terms 

Scale Your Business With Melissa Machat

Empowering Entrepreneurs to become a CEO without the hustle and grind by creating an aligned life and business


Entrepreneurship doesn’t have to be overwhelming

To the frustrated, burnt out, and overwhelmed Entrepreneur who knows they’re capable of more and is caught up in the hustle and grind.


I see you... I was you.


Hustle culture is toxic, yet that's what we're taught as entrepreneurs. Grind it out and earn your way to success. Sacrifice now so you can have the life of your dreams someday.


Someday is not a guarantee and you end up creating a life and business that is not aligned to what you actually want, which causes stress, overwhelm, burn out, and questioning if you are even meant to be doing this.


If you're beating yourself up, questioning why this isn't working, burnt out, and doing it all, I will teach you what's really going on and how to get out of your own way, take back control of your mind, and create an aligned life and business on YOUR terms. 

Let me show you how to grow and scale your business with EASE because...




Stop the Hustle

End the Grind and Get Aligned

What is an Aligned business and how do you work smarter, not harder? This is ideal for Entrepreneurs who are overwhelmed, burnt out, or doing it all and feeling stuck. They’re questioning how they can build their business when they’re already doing it all, and maybe they aren’t cut out for this. When in reality they are out of alignment and following someone else’s rules of what their life and business ‘should’ look like instead of what they want it to look like. They will leave feeling empowered to create life and business on their terms and inspired to take action.


Empowered Selling Secrets to Mastering Sales

Increase your confidence and sell with ease by learning secrets of NLP and the mindset of sales. This is ideal for Entrepreneurs and anyone who is in sales, or denies they are in sales because they ‘aren’t good at sales’ or ‘don’t want to be pushy’. Sales is a numbers game and if you don’t know the game you’re playing it’s easy to get discouraged and quit. They’ll learn how rapport and communication are the secret to sales and leave feeling empowered and confident to sell with ease.


Everything You Need to Scale with Ease

The secret to scaling a business and becoming a CEO is leverage and leadership, yet Entrepreneurs are rarely taught HOW. When you’re overwhelmed and know you need help, it’s easy to hire the first person who shows up and that doesn’t usually end well. Hiring and Leadership are skills that need to be learned, and it’s easy to say ‘forget it... I’ll just do it myself’ and stay small. The audience will walk away feeling empowered to grow their business, as an effective leader who attracts the right people.

Speaking topics

for Entrepreneurs and Solopreneurs

Scale Your Business

Meet your Guide

I've spent the last 12 years learning first hand what it takes to build and scale a half-million dollar business and burning out. Working 24/7 and wondering why I kept falling short and feeling like I was a failure. Beating myself up because I must be a terrible leader and business owner since it wasn’t working. Wanting freedom, yet allowing my business to own me and control my life.


Well now I know I learned the hard way so you don’t have to. Those lessons happened for a reason and now I understand what it takes to go from Solopreneur to CEO and OWN my business without letting my business own me.


“Work less and make more” finally makes sense and there is a way to grow your business with EASE!


I’m here to help empower and teach you how to create an aligned business and get your life back and become the CEO you are meant to be.

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NLP Master


Over $100 million

Sold in residential

real estate

12 years of

sales experience


Ready to go from solopreneur to ceo?

Digital Courses

melissa machat

Stop the Hustle, End the Grind and Get Aligned

Working 24/7? Overwhelmed? Burned out? Beating yourself up because you know you’re capable of more but something seems to be holding you back? Learn how to take back control of your mind and your life.

melissa machat

Everything You Need to Scale with ease

Learn how to hire, onboard, train, and systemize your business with EASE! Take the overwhelm out of hiring and building your business and learn a proven method that works.

melissa machat

What if you could learn skills that will help you make more money without any extra effort? Learn the secret to master sales and how to hear YES more often.

Empowered Selling:

 Secrets to Mastering Sales

melissa machat

Want to learn how to effectively lead your team and make sure you have the right people? You’ll learn leadership lessons to become an effective Leader and CEO without the exhaustion and frustration of relying on others for your success.

Aligned Leadership:

 Learn to lead yourself and inspire others

Scale Your Business With Melissa Machat
Scale Your Business With Melissa Machat

What clients are saying...

You helped me see and change things I didn't even know were issues/ holding me back in various areas of my life. Since I've gotten clear, it seems like money is coming out of thin air!


- RD

melissa machat
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