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Melissa Machat

Melissa Machat
 Entrepreneur, speaker, consultant


Melissa Machatt, Your Mindset Coach

Melissa Machat is an Entrepreneur and Speaker who founded Re-Align Coaching and Consulting to help empower and teach entrepreneurs how to create and scale an aligned life and business. With expertise in Mindset, Strategy, and Growth Melissa teaches you how to get freedom back into your life and stop the overwhelm, grind and burnout.


Melissa is a certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner and possesses a deeper understanding of what’s really preventing someone from reaching their goals and taking action.


With more than twelve years of sales experience, over $100 Million in Volume Sold in Residential Real Estate, and more than eight years being educated by multiple coaching organizations and mentors, Melissa understands how to build and grow a business in any market and how your mindset can control your outcome and results.

Melissa Machat
Melissa Machat
melissa machat

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Melissa Machat

Fun Facts about Melissa

  • From Woodland Hills, CA outside of Los Angeles (yes she’s a Valley Girl)

  • Graduated from USC with a degree in Theatre

  • Moved to Las Vegas in 2008 to audition for shows and perform on the Strip

  • Was always selling even as a child including having an imaginary chicken window drive thru, selling lanyards, and always finding ways to make money

  • Met her husband at USC and they are a product of the USC Greek System

  • Has an obsession with animals, especially her Dobermans and Wild Burros

  • Was a Las Vegas Casino blackjack dealer

  • Got her real estate license in 2009 at 24 years old because it was time to get a real job (had no clue it was sales or commission!)

  • Recovering workaholic and struggled with mindset and anxiety

  • Obsessed with personal development and growth

  • Always learning

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 Entrepreneur, Speaker, Consultant

Melissa Machatt- Your Mindset Coach