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I’ll be the first to admit, I’m a recovering workaholic. Go mode is my specialty, and I have always had a ‘if there’s a will, there’s a way’ attitude. I grew up outside of Los Angeles, CA performing, dance and musical theater was my life, and I even have a degree in Theater from USC. I was working in LA as a stage manager after college and had multiple jobs to pay my bills, and had a crazy idea to move to Las Vegas so I could audition for shows and the cost of living seemed way more affordable. 


In 2008, my husband (who was my boyfriend at the time) and I decided to pick up and move to Las Vegas at 24 years old, and this is where the journey really begins. I needed a job while I was auditioning, so somehow I ended up dealing blackjack in a downtown casino in the ‘party pit’, and it was someone at my blackjack table who told me I had the perfect personality for sales and that’s where you really make all the money.


I decided to get my Real Estate license in 2009, which was the bottom of the market, but I was so used to being broke and not having any money, a $300 rental seemed like so much more than what I was used to. It was the first time in my life I was rewarded for how hard I worked, and the harder I worked the more money I could make.


Who knew that personality, work ethic, and the ability to hustle and grind it out would be the secret to building a successful real estate business, and it also led me on a journey of losing myself in the process.


This is how I found the world of personal development, NLP, and coaching. Because I was burnt out, miserable, and working 24/7 and I thought something was wrong with me because I kept falling short of my goals, and I knew what to do, but I wasn’t doing it.


I thought more discipline, accountability, and motivation is what would fix my problems. I hired different coaches, went to all the seminars, worked on my mindset, and yet I still felt like things weren’t working, I was behind, and something must be wrong with me.


Maybe I’m not meant to do this. Maybe I just need to hire a different coach, join another program, or work harder to achieve my goals.


And then I learned something that changed my life forever.


Nothing was wrong with me, I wasn’t broken, there was nothing to fix. 


I was out of alignment. 


I lost sight of what I really wanted, who I am at my core, and my own vision.


I was following everyone else’s rules and what success was supposed to look like, instead of figuring out what I wanted it to look like and what success means to me.


That’s why I started Re-Align Coaching and Consulting, and my podcast Purely Aligned, to teach and empower Entrepreneurs and Real Estate Agents to redefine success without the hustle, grind, and burnout. 


I created my own method, The Alignment Vortex of Self-Discovery,  and I uniquely combine NLP, Aligned Strategy, and Taking Action in a way that will help you achieve your goals, increase results, and ensure you are creating your own definition of success.​


There’s another way to succeed in life, and it doesn’t require sacrificing your happiness.


Life is too short to be miserable, and it’s time we learn how to take back control of our minds and what’s really holding us back from achieving our dream life.


I’ve learned how to slow down, enjoy space, create boundaries, and be present in the moment and appreciate how incredible my life is, instead of feeling like it was never enough and I was always chasing someday when I would be happy, and when I had whatever goal I had set for myself.


Someday isn’t a guarantee, and it’s about learning to be happy now.


Personal development is a journey, and I am here as a resource and a guide to remind you to come back to who you are and what you really want.


You get to have it all, it gets to be easy, balance does exist, and it’s time to redefine success on your terms.

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